encode/decode any file into a PNG image and vice-versa
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The concept is easy and creative: get the data from the file, encode into base64, compact and encode it again into hexadecimal, then get each chunks of hexa values (ex: ff 12 d3) to compose the RGB pixels (ex: #ff12d3) that represents the data as an encoded PNG image in such a way that it can be reversed and decoded as the original file.

This was a prove of concept written in Ruby (and parcially in Node.js) so I could upload 6GB of videos and PDFs to Flickr as images, and then get it back as the original files.

[Julian Assange, Cypherpunks 6.3MB PDF as a decodable 4MB PNG]

Julian Assange - Cypherpunks PDF

Simple text encoding sample:

 => "78da8b8ac83048ce752b4f32aa28e302001fbe0464"

final 7 hexa color pixels to represent "extrapolo" data as image
 => #78da8b #8ac830 #48ce75 #2b4f32 #aa28e3 #02001f #be0464

and back to the original data,
=> "extrapolo"

More: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Steganography