encode/decode any file into a PNG image and vice-versa
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fs = require "fs"
PNG = require("pngjs").PNG
encode = (input) ->
fs.readFile input, (err, data) ->
data = new Buffer(data, 'binary')
console.log data
size = data.length
side = Math.ceil (Math.sqrt size)
console.log "#{size} pixels"
console.log "dimension: #{side} x #{side}"
image = new PNG(width: side, height: side)
image.data = data
console.log '--- encoding ---'
decode = (input, output) ->
fs.createReadStream(input).pipe(new PNG()).on "parsed", ->
console.log '--- decoding ---'
result = new Buffer(@data.slice(0, (@height*@width) - 5))
console.log result
console.log result.length
fs.writeFile output, result, (err) -> console.log "Ok!" unless err
#decode('bia.jpg.out.png', 'bia.out.jpg')