basic scripting to check txids on zecpages vs received
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Based on

1- import viewing keys

$ zcash-cli z_importviewingkey zxviews1q0duytgcqqqqpqre26wkl45gvwwwd706xw608hucmvfalr759ejwf7qshjf5r9aa7323zulvz6plhttp5mltqcgs9t039cx2d09mgq05ts63n8u35hyv6h9nc9ctqqtue2u7cer2mqegunuulq2luhq3ywjcz35yyljewa4mgkgjzyfwh6fr6jd0dzd44ghk0nxdv2hnv4j5nxfwv24rwdmgllhe0p8568sgqt9ckt02v2kxf5ahtql6s0ltjpkckw8gtymxtxuu9gcr0swvz whenkeyisnew 419200

2- list received transactions and export to received_txs.json

$ zcash-cli z_listreceivedbyaddress zs1j29m7zdhhyy2eqrz89l4zhk0angqjh368gqkj2vgdyqmeuultteny36n3qsm47zn8du5sw3ts7f > received_txs.json

3- iterate over all transactions and export if_onboard, decoded_memo, txid and amount to all_decoded.json

(:onboard is a boolean if txid is included in

$ ruby zecpage_audit.rb


Board Txids: 1465

z_received_by_address: 2323

Total removed: 70

Total ZEC received: 84.35417278000065

Check all_decoded.json

Removed removed_data.json ones